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Jalaperilo's TF fiction

Everything I touch is food for my hunger, my hunger for power

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Bah weep graana weep nini bong! Welcome to the LJ of Jalaperilo. Here I’ll be posting Transformers fiction (hosted on FF.Net) as well as an accompanying commentary on everything posted. The commentary is basically my thoughts on my writing, the reasons I do certain stuff and other crazy that I think you should benefit from.

About me - I'm in my late twenties. I'm originally from the cold grim north but got fed up with having no electricity and living in a septic tank, so I moved to the south in 2009. I've been a Transformers fan for a long time. I think I watched the show when it first showed over here (We got it in 1987 I think)It's hard to remember, I just know its always been a part of my life. I'm not a 'GEEWUN', because I like other series and spin offs, but most of my writing is set in G1 cartoonverse with elements of others coming into play.

I'm always up for requests, but I cannot guarentee that they will be done.

All my fics are hosted at Jalaperilo on FF.NET. What can I say, the voles need feeding.

I'm also on Twitter, if you'd like to follow in real time my musings and ramblings. Funnily enough, I go by @Jalaperilo there as well.

Here are some quick tag/FF.Net links to bring up stories and their commentary

Reach Out - A story about Ratchet, Wheeljack and two twin younglings they take in. Cause I just love me some Lambo twins.

You're not alone - A 'seasonal' fic, set in the same universe as 'Reach Out'. Cause not all of us could be with family at Christmas.

Inertia Creeps - Senseless smut in the form of Starscream/Soundwave.

Doctor's Orders - Never miss a doctors appointment. Not even Prime can get out of a situation like that.

Overprotective - Slingshot finds out he has an inlaw. Silverbolt/Hotspot

New Born - Sunstreaker/Tracks iPod meme drabbles. FABULOUS!

Prompt table - Transformers - The Autobot Faction

001. Mellow 002. Eternal 003. Subtle 004. Cheat 005. Transparent
006. Believeable 007. Repeat 008. Addicted 009. Write 010. Soulful
011. Broken 012. Stop Time 013. Alcohol 014. Pauses 015. Affront
016. Run 017. Experience 018. Fatality 019. Helping Hand 020. Breeze
021. Get Up 022. Villain 023. Worst Day 024. Bewitching 025. Jubilant
026. Languid 027. Obsessive 028. Recoil 029. Vehement 030. Collide
031. On My Mind 032. Mirror 033. Kneel 034. Locked 035. Punch
036. Tight 037. Urban 038. Health 039. Older 040. Vital
041. Dawn 042. Lust 043. Memorial 044. Pretend 045. Zeal
046. Disaster 047. Blush 048. Nimble 049. Remain 050. Snore
051. Done 052. Justice 053. Weapon 054. Tide 055. Accent
056. Indirect 057. Haze 058. Puzzle 059. Try Again 060. Reap
061. Settle 062. Treat 063. Notice 064. Least 065. Exception
066. Rule 067. Correct 068. Harm 069. Strive 070. Temperamental
071. Divided 072. Victory 073. Delivery 074. Ballad 075. All I Ask
076. Fire 077. Lies 078. Stormy 079. Terrible 080. Decay
081. Dramatic 082. Panic 083. With You 084. Killing 085. Jump
086. Waste 087. Passion 088. Flying 089. Drought 090. Sword
091. Skill 092. Dust 093. Enchant 094. Shadows 095. Powerless
096.Writer's Choice 097.Writer's Choice 098.Writer's Choice 099.Writer's Choice 100.Writer's Choice